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Texas A&M University (TAMU) is seeking a collaborative and inspirational leader to serve as its next Dean for the College of Medicine.  The new Dean has the outstanding opportunity to lead the College across all its academic, educational, scientific, and clinical missions as part of an interprofessional Health Science Center. 

The Dean will provide overall strategic vision, academic leadership, and will manage the human, financial, and capital resources of the College.  The next Dean will be a highly innovative, transparent, and visionary leader with a commitment to excellence in education, research, clinical practice, and community impact that includes, but is not limited to, military, rural, and public health.  The Dean will work to advance research, education, clinical partnerships and joint contributions; promote initiatives within and outside of the College, University, and Health Science Center; and facilitate research, education, and clinical program implementation and expansion. 

The Dean has the primary responsibility for philanthropic activities in the College and should consistently display great enthusiasm for driving collaborative relationships in support of College, University, and Health Science Center goals.  The Dean will have a proven record of leadership in acting on and enhancing the College’s diversity, equity, and inclusion on all institutional levels.  The Dean will have demonstrated in previous roles the ability to communicate and work with diverse groups in a complex, dynamic environment that includes education, research, and clinical care.